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Monday, May 11, 2009

college first day XD

Arghhhh!!! today is a very paiseh day LOL...when i go college ermmm dun wan late for 1st time so early go a bit then meet wiv jason @@..then he laugh my hair @@.....then go class lor wow i think jz hv 4 or 3 people there only XD...then v all not done our holiday assignment =x .....then 1 by 1 come in ...LOL...ting li come in stone lor when saw my hair LOL..n laugh when walking toward me ==!! ..then d next is ah teik , aiyo when having class i turn take my bottle also staring lol....aiyo....i know look not nice n funny haizzzzz dun stare til like tat ler u all..so cham *sob*...haha

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

13th April back hometown

WOHUHUHUH!!! wahhh now the old terminal tiga ( u all sure read before terminal tiga novel right XD) Now update liao luuuu!! SEeeeee sooo nice le now ><
Aiyooo...i scare traffic-jams so go early a bit then go in at gate there wait....i m the 1st guest =x
Ciaociao luu KLwahhhh then i just realize i sit beside the fans there FUYOOHH first time if engine bakar i am the first 1 know wahh scary ..then last night bad weather so sit in plane also like sit in roller-coaster LOL....can c lightning somemore.THXX GODDS i reach my hometown safely XD... wuhoooo reach my hometown le
YEahhh !!! home sweet home!!
damn syiokkk have big fan blow me XD..weeeeee

Monday, March 30, 2009

WohoooOOO finalyy done

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh YeahHHHHH!!! I love tis sem!!!!

ok rushing my robots tonight XD......will not touch laptop b4 it done

haha.....sem1...take pic wiv iching...wow...she is damn yeng 1....got style..admire her..XD....aiyo...paiseh o for those classmate not inside de. coz u all ciao so fast..miss it already..haizzz.. how good if all of us there..XD..but nevermind lar....tats always have next time de ><

Saturday, March 21, 2009

the assignment

this is the artwork i want to layout geh


Haizzzz..hehe....i always dun concentrate on work..do a while then touch touch my laptop, chat chat a while, choose song play, so i take a lot of time to fini my assignment, but this is the way i like...art is for relax and enjoy de MAN but TOA make it to something like your life. Don’t pass-up on deadlines..ermmm that's it...u are finish!!! HOHO...so don’t play play ar!! (phua chu kang voices).....Last night i rushing it ..wohohoho very very concentrate...hehe..yahh always like tat last minute just can concentrate de..haha....then 3 am finally done my perspective..hoho..then start layout...hehe paste it on moulding board then cut it...cut moulding board quite hard de...need cut a lot of time ..so i open my cutter longer...then cut..bcoz of d "tiredness" and tension for after done this need continue construct my robots , so use my whole energy cut it...then i accidentally cut my finger...luckily only cut half way ...HEHE...OPPssSSSSsss